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What's in a name?

We have sometimes been asked why we chose the name DiscorD Distribution when the word discord apparently signifies strife or conflict, an approach we certainly neither practise nor advocate. The explanation is that the name was borne out of conjuncting the words 'disc' and 'order' so discorder became DiscorD, which alliterated comfortably with what we do and have done successfully for more than 18 years now: Distribution of music and spoken word recordings.

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The syncopated beats and counter-culture attitudes synonymous with universal jazz culture have been swinging in the Arab world since the early twentieth century. The western Arabic region, the Maghreb, has historic ties with Andalucian Spain and the stamping off-beats heard in flamenco, which feeds back into local jazz expressions. The eastern Mashriq region has a solid jazz heritage underlined by the careers of musicians such as drummer Salah Ragab who worked with outer-planetary superstar Sun Ra. The oeuvre of the Beirut-born Rahbani brothers, did much to expand the jazz vocabulary of Lebanon. Jazz is still pulsing through the veins of Arabic homelands and this Rough Guide offers up an insight in to the scene.

Lebanon's rich musical melting pot is to thank for many of the tracks on this album. Lebanese trumpeter and composer Ibrahim Maalouf's opener, 'Nomade Slang', is anchored by an undulating double-time drum pattern with sharp stinging horn lines and inquisitive rising bass figures. It was Ibrahim's musician ... more

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