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Reiki Mahamantra Om Sai Ram

Mahanta Das

Reiki Mahamantra Om Sai Ram - Mahanta Das


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Media: CD

Release Date: 15-03-98

Label: Evolution Music

Catalog Number: EM9902-2

Barcode: 8018724990226

Musical Style: Reiki


Thanks to the extraordinary reaction ti his debut album, Mahanta Das composed this follow up to 'Reiki Mahamantra'. Beautiful calm music especially conceived to help Reiki practice featuring every three minutes the delicate sound of a bell to inform when it's time to change the position of the healing hands.

'Om Sai Ram' goes along the path of the previous album maintaining its fundamental characteristic that makes it different from the variety of music releases now available for Reiki. The combination of sweet melodies with the sound vibration of mantras, the powerful ancient ritual chants purifying the mind from its various contaminations. This music will help in becoming conscious of the endlessly great energies that vibrate in every man and woman, purifying such energy and driving it to great purposes. The chant celebrates harmony and the powerful forces that rule the universe. This is energy and relaxation for tired minds.

Track Listing

Artist Biography

Track Listing

1Om Sai Ram30:03
2Om Namo Narayanaya29:55

Artist Biography

An ordinary man but at the same time special, Mahanta Das loves and savours life with simplicity while nurturing the flame of spirituality full of a joy and energy that are infectious. Mahanta Das has been living as a monk in an Ashram for many years and, enriched by this experience, he began to write music to cocoon body and soul: beautiful ritual chants that give a sense of wellbeing through their mantric contents that purify the mind.

The music takes the listener to an uplifting world of joy that helps facing everyday life with spirituality and love, gently led by Mahanta Das, He who serves the greater goal (maha = great, anta = goal, das = he who serves).

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